The Circle of Seven

The Circle of Seven

The Circle of Seven is a dynamic group of local men and women who share a common vision of giving back to our community and supporting groups, individuals and projects for the betterment of Windsor-Essex County region. 

Windsor Ontario is a wonderful place to live, work and play and part of the fabric of our community is our generosity and countless local charitable organizations. One such group is the Circle of 7. This group was formed by 7 friends / businessmen 21 years ago and is still going strong!

Over the years, the Circle of 7 has held many different fundraising initiatives including the Circle of 7 - John Ferguson Charity Golf Tournament, the Denim & Diamonds Gala, ‘Ed vs Mary’ Olympic Boxing Bash, NHL All Star Celebrity Auctions, Windsor-Essex Executives Charity Luncheons, and many other unique events!

One of ‘The Circle’s’ first major events was a Golf Event to fundraise for Windsor’s 1st Prostate Cancer Cryo-Treatment machine. Local philanthropist Tony Toldo put out a challenge to match what we raised so by days end, over $300,000 was raised! The group has also been a major fundraiser for the Children’s Aid Society of Windsor-Essex, Cancer Care Ontario, CMHA, United Way, Riverside Miracle Park, Autism Windsor-Essex, Alzheimer’s Society, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, Windsor Regional Hospital, all4mamas, and University of Windsor Schulich School of Medicine.


In addition, they have helped various community organizations, Children’s sports teams, sponsored local Sledge Hockey Olympian Ray Grassi and Local Olympic Boxer Mary Spencer, as well as many young musicians that have gone on to great things! They also quietly replace old or stolen bikes for less fortunate kids, cover hotel rooms near hospitals for parents of seriously ill children who have to go to out of town hospitals for treatment and much more!

They have been instrumental in brokering several partnerships with local community service organizations and generous donors to quietly attract hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to specific causes or campaigns.

The Circle of 7’s mantra is “to help to always promote Windsor-Essex and to help those who can’t help themselves; with focus on Health & Welfare, Youth Sports and the Arts.

"To date the Circle of 7 has distributed close to $4.0 million dollars to our community and is working hard on its commitment to continue the “Circle of 7 – Circle of Giving.”

Courtesy of The Circle of Seven